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Wondering how good is your upcoming project? Do you think how to ensure that your product offers the highest quality? Wondering how to prevent the defective software from getting released? Do you feel the necessity to ask professionals to help you find all possible defects and weaknesses in your software product before it goes to the world?

These are common questions every business owner asks themselves before releasing the software product. If, that’s also about you, don’t pass by as we’ve got the right solution for you - robust software quality assurance services. But first, let’s cover the main reasons why people might be looking for quality assurance services:

  • To measure the quality of the product before its launch.
  • To ensure that the provided products/services meet your customer expectations.
  • The release date is coming and you want just to identify all software defects, functional mismatch, or code execution issues, if any.
  • Your product has been expanded and you need to perform load performance testing.
  • To ensure that your service functions according to your requirements.
  • To make sure that your product offers seamless customer experience.
  • You’ve decided to become cross-platform. So, you need to perform compatibility testing to ensure that the product perfectly runs on different devices.

In fact, to confirm compliance with the delivery standards, ensuring seamless customer experience, every product should undergo software testing. So, ordering professional software testing services has become an imperative.



The solution is software quality assurance services by Artelogic.

Artelogic is a custom software development company that is capable of meeting the strictest business requirements. Our professional web development studio has already gained an excellent reputation in application testing and we have dozens of returning customers. Primarily, Artelogic offered full-cycle web development services, but today, we can also offer you software testing and quality assurance services as a stand-alone solution, adhering to the highest QA standards.

Wondering why to choose Artelogic testing services? Consider the following about Artelogic:

  • Different types of testing. We offer all types of quality assurance services, not to mention security testing, functional testing and performance testing, manual testing, as well as regression testing, and stress testing. Black box testing, grey box testing, white box testing are also in our expertise list.
  • Manual + Automation testing.  We have test engineers that can help you with both Manual testing and Automation testing.
  • Various testing and quality assurance techniques and tools. Our quality assurance testing team uses various testing and quality assurance proven, structured testing techniques and testing tools, including JIRA, Selenium, New Relic, GitHub, Tmux, Sahi, QTP, and Ranorex.
  • We are global. Our web studio has been providing testing services to companies from all industry domains, and now it’s your turn.

Finally, don’t forget that once the critical testing is planned and executed by Artelogic professional team, all the risks experienced when the testing is done by the same team that developed the software will be mitigated.


Artelogic is a top-notch web development agency that can lead you through all stages, from the development to the testing services. Our expert team of testers and quality assurance professionals is equipped with world-class QA tools and processes.

Plus, we work according to the Agile principles and easily cooperate with other application development departments. So, Artelogic is there to help you reach your ultimate project goals. Let us implement a deliberate and well-defined testing approach before your actual development begins. Here how it works:


    You request end-to-end testing solutions.

    Our expert team analyzes your problem and suggests the best combination of different kinds of testing activities.

    We agree on the terms of cooperation, budget and timeframes.

  • work begins
  • WORK

    We start working, perform numerous testing steps.


    You get an intuitive, stable, reliable product that embraces your uniqueness.

By the way, we can provide you with other development services as well. For example, once some bugs are found or when you need to add some functionality,  we can implement it for you.

We launch your business ideas into digital space. We launch your business ideas into digital space.


When it comes to software development, quality assurance and testing services, Artelogic can help you improve everything from productivity to profitability. Below, you can find a list of the benefits you can count on if you partner with our software development and software testing company: 


Customer loyalty

A software solution that can boast quality, reliability, and enhanced usability, are attractive for your customers.



Competitive advantage

The possibility to gain a competitive advantage in the market by providing a really good quality product in various verticals.



Profitability boost

Enhanced profitability because your product will be optimized, running without bugs.



Reputation management

Enhanced business reputation.



Risks limitation

The possibility to mitigate all risks before your product goes public.


Anyway, if you wish to boost the quality of your product, its usability, architecture and maintenance, Artelogic is a lifesaver. With years of experiences, rich pool or brilliant IT minds and happy clients spread across the globe, our product development studio will help you rival the industry names in your niche. Inquire now!

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