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Looking for a tailored team extension to advance your business?


Imagine, what can your company do with a few more software engineers, two more QA engineers, and two more project managers? If you’ve landed on our software development team page, you are probably in a search of software development professionals. In case you have a currently ongoing business and your in-house team needs an extention or, a web development idea waiting to be implemented, you have come to the right place. That is exactly what we do. Our dedicated development team can be of your service.

Usually, our development teams are approached by clients who:

  • Need to add on-demand resources in growing or stagnating projects
  • Need a production capacity growth without an employee headcount increase
  • Want to uprise an entirely new project, that would probably be declined due to the lack of resources
  • Have a need to add new features without defocusing the core team
  • Want to save time and accompanying costs for recruiting new software engineers
  • Are not satisfied with the performance of their current dedicated offshore development center
  • Are thinking over these questions: can my project be driven in a way that is less resource-consuming and will get more revenue? Can it be expanded to provide more useful services? Am I suspicious that my project can give even more income?

All these cases can be effectively solved by utilizing the possibilities of the dedicated development environment provided by Artelogic to your best advantages and solving multiple web development challenges.

We provide our web application software development services for rather a great diversity of companies and organizations:

  • Startups
  • Small to medium businesses (SMB)
  • Digital agencies, etc.

Why Artelogic?

EXCEPTIONAL REPUTATION Our reputation is proven by years of experience and verified reviews on Clutch.
TRANSPARENCY1 Our processes are built to ensure absolute transparency so that you always know how the project goes.1
QUALITY-DRIVEN We put the quality of our software products in the first place which is constantly verified by our certified team of QA engineers.
IP & DATA PROTECTION Protecting the IP & Data of our clients is the whole big thing for us which we deliver through a thoroughly controlled cloud infrastructure.
INDIVIDUAL APPROACH We are tailoring our services and approach to work for individual clients given their domain, budget, and expectations.
FREE TRIAL We are confident in our ability to deliver, so we are offering a risk-free trial to get to know each other.

we're experts in

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